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"Lonesome Cowboy Dave" was a comedy radio show broadcast from WCBS 89.3 at Cleveland State University, Cleveland Ohio. It was written & performed by: Dave DeLuca, Chas Smith, Timm McCoy, Ken Ingersoll, Dan Delco and Steve Weinstead from 1990 to 1992 "Lonesome Cowboy Dave" is a fantasy, sci-fi, live radio event!

Brainrot Radio TheatreMore Bits & Skits June4, 1991
00:00 / 31:21
More best bits and skits in this compilation of June 4, 1991 - Written by Timm McCoy & Dave DeLuca. TRT: 31M 20S


Brainrot Radio TheatreThe Godfarmer June 25, 1990
00:00 / 01:04

Brainrot Radio Theater - Lonesome Cowboy Dave - "The Godfarmer" The God father & Farming are "combined" to grow some trouble that you'll need a ho to finger out! TRT: 39M56S


Brainrot Radio TheatreIt's A Horrible Life - December 5, 1990
00:00 / 31:43
"It's A Horrible Life" written by Timm McCoy & Dave DeLuca. A parody of "It's A Wonderful Life". TRT: 31M 42S
Brainrot Radio TheaterA Clockwork Orangatang - November 13, 1991
00:00 / 36:12
Written by Timm McCoy, "A Clockwork Orangatang" is a rip of "A Clockwork Orange" November 1991. TRT: 32M12S
Brainrot Radio TheatreZTV - May 31, 1991
00:00 / 01:04

This episode is all about a public accsess TV show named "ZTV" that makes an appearance on WCSB radio in Cleveland, Ohio. Written by Timm McCoy. also includes Ken Ingersoll from "The Bug & Unk Show" Recorded May 21, 1991. TRT: 56:52

Brainrot Radio TheatretreSkits & Bits - 1990
00:00 / 29:36

This is an episode where we place our favorite skits & bits, that were declared the "best" of Lonesome Cowboy Dave 1990. TRT: 31:20

Brainrot Radio TheaterMiddle Aged Nuclear Dung Fu Beatniks w Timm McCoy & Ken Ingersoll - 7-10-1990
00:00 / 25:24

Brainrot Radio Theater - Middle Aged Nuclear Dung Fu Beatniks w Timm McCoy  and Ken Ingersoll. A 50's flashback and the meaning of being men dominates this episode. Written by Timm McCoy 7-10-1990. TRT: 25:23.

Brainrot Radio Theater - The Other Limits - August 21, 991
00:00 / 29:42

A complete rip off of "The Outer Limits" August 1991. "Lonesome Cowboy Dave" a radio show broadcast from WCBS 89.3 at Cleveland State University.

Brainrot Radio Theater - The Stooper BowlThe Stooper Bowl - January 16, 1992
00:00 / 32:57

"The Stooper Bowl". It's Super Bowl Season so what better than to do a show about "The Stooper Bowl". January 1992. Recorded at WCSB Cleveland State University in Cleveland Ohio. TRT: 32:56

Brainrot Radio TheatreMusic Quake 100th Epsiode - May 1990
00:00 / 01:04

Our 100th Episode of "Lonesome Cowboy Dave" It's "Music Quake". It's an adventure in music by the likes of these weirdos. It's original. It's weird. It's a freakin' nightmare! Recorded May 1990 at Cleveland State University. TRT: 54:21

Brainrot Radio TheatreThe Intangables - April 17, 1990
00:00 / 33:08

Brainrot Radio Theater - Lonesome Cowboy Dave - "The Intangibles" On a train trip to investigate a strange occurrence An investigation is about to begin. Based on "The Untouchables" April 17 1990 TRT: 32:08 Written by Timm McCoy

Brainrot Radio TheatrePhobias with Timm McCoy August 3, 1990
00:00 / 54:22
This episode is all about "Cowboy Dave" dealing with all of his phobias. Timm McCoy (writer/actor) is featured in this episode. TRT: 54:21.

More Episodes To Come!


Timm "The Bug" McCoy Interviews "Lonesome Cowboy" Dave DeLuca, WCSB Cleveland March 1991. On VHS at the time. This was recorded in the lounge of the studios of WCSB Cleveland at Cleveland State University.

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