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Josh Robert Thompson

Personal Profile

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Josh Robert Thompson spent much of his childhood making silly voices into a Fisher-Price tape recorder.

Josh's gift for mimicry eventually brought him to Los Angeles and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, where he appeared on camera in a number of sketches and also provided the voices of an invisible house band, a talking rhino head, celebrity insects, and every caller on Ferguson’s desk phone. But it was his role as Craig’s robot skeleton sidekick—Geoff Peterson—that proved to be Josh’s big break, creating one of TV’s most unlikely and endearing late night duos.

For over a decade Josh’s wide range of voices and impressions have appeared on FOX’s Family Guy, as well as American Dad, Robot Chicken and Skylanders Academy, just to name a few.

In audiobooks, Josh has provided character voices and narration on over 30 projects—most notably author Michael Kaminski's The Secret History of Star Wars and a series of scripted podcasts for Audible, including the Webby Award-winning, Killing Hollywood: The Cotton Club Murder.

On radio, Josh became a Howard Stern Show favorite as the voice of “Fake” Arnold Schwarzenegger—famously fooling everyone from George Takei to Fox News.

As a stand-up, Josh has toured all over the U.S. and Canada, playing such legendary venues as The Chicago Theater, Town Hall and Radio City. 

On screen, he starred in the romantic comedy Nowhere Girl, the indie supernatural thriller Revelator, and the award-winning comedic series F#ing 40.

Currently, Josh can be heard in the hit Netflix animated series Inside Job, the Kristen Wiig comedy Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, and regularly as “The Voice of God” on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

He is also the recipient of a Webby Award for his turn as George Lucas in Collider’s

“deep fake” video series.

Timm McCoy Interviews Josh Robert Thompson May 17, 2012

One night in 2010 Timm was watching a late night show called, "The Late Late Show" with Craig Ferguson. I turned to my wife and said "The voice of the Gay Robot, Geoff Peterson, sounds very familiar. So almost every night it would haunt me... "Who Is That Voice?" So a year later I was online looking up the name of the person who voiced "Geoff" and I told myself...that sounds like a kid who used to call into "The Lonesome Cowboy Dave" show doing voices. So, I broke out the cassette and listened and to my surprise IT WAS JOSH ROBERT THOMPSON! At this point about 22 years went by. So I tracked him down on Facebook and sure enough, it was my "Johnny Carson to my "Ed McMahon". Here is that audio reunion of a lifetime!

Craig Ferguson, Josh Robert Thompson & Timm McCoy
March 16, 2017
The Craig Ferguson Show - Sirius XM 94 - 3/16/2017 Craig Ferguson/Josh Robert Thompson/Timm McCoy. Craig was doing his XM Radio show when his guest was Josh Robert Thompson (Geoff Peterson). Timm called in as an extra guest when all 3 of them had a discussion about radio, voices and friendship. Timm has now known Josh for over 30 years. Josh used to listen to Timm, and call in with different voices, when Timm was doing live scripted comedy on "ESO Radio: and "Brainrot Radio Theatre" & "The Lonesome Cowboy Dave Show" at WCSB Cleveland State University in Ohio. Josh was 15 then. Timm was 32. TRT: 7:00

Timm & Josh

Timm McCoy Elmer Philipshead & Josh Robert Thompson WCBS 8-8-90

This was August 8, 1990. I was 33 years old. Josh Robert Thompson was 15. I was writing and acting on a Cleveland State University radio show called "Lonesome Cowboy Dave" that was in a show called "ESO Radio" (Einsteins Secret Orchestra). It was an hour radio show and was scripted to allow people to read their parts on LIVE radio at WCSB 89.3 FM in Cleveland. It was a fantasy type, sci-fi, comedy show. I wrote scripts and provided voices as different characters. Josh Robert Thompson, 15 years old, was a caller who would call in as different voices to "Play on the air". Below are various recording on an entire "Lonesome Cowboy Dave" show. Josh Robert Thompson/Elmer Philipshead aka Timm McCoy and an Interview with Josh Robert Thompson 35 years after working on WCSB in Cleveland, Ohio

Timm McCoy of "The Zone with Timm McCoy" & "The David Cassidy Show" and Josh Robert Thompson of "Family Guy", "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson". He played the voice of Geoff Peterson The Gay Robot Skeleton side kick of Craig Ferguson. We chat about our good times in Cleveland,OH. ©2016 PPL Micro Studios
Josh Robert Thompson & Timm McCoy
June 5, 2022

CBS Televison City: 7 - 29/30 2014

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Never before heard! Before the taping of the "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson", Bob Oschack (Real Time with Bill Maher") MC's this warm up show. Featuring, Eddie Rinier. I recorded from the audience the Warm Up for "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" for July 29, 2014.

The Josh Robert Thompson Show

An original comedy special from Josh Robert Thompson (Geoff Peterson on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”)

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